From its inception, humanity cared for creating the necessary conditions for their life and improved them year by year, century by century.

As the classic poet – Magtymguly Faraghi anticipated, “What a miracle, it is fire sparkles out of water,” the dream of Turkmen people of getting energy from water came true in the early 20th century.

Construction of Gindikush Hydropower Plant on the banks of the Murgab River in 1913 was an important event in the history of our nation in that period.

Construction of this station was entrusted to Tarni and Deichman Company which had a range of construction machinery, equipment and experienced specialists. Equipment of the Hans Austro-Hungarian Company was installed at the station.

Three hydro turbines with a capacity of 400 kW each and a total capacity of 1.2 MW are installed at Gindikush hydropower plant.

Shaft of hydro turbines are rotated by a powerful stream of water from a dam built on the Murgab River.

Electricity generated by the hydropower plant is transmitted through the transmission line 38.7 km long to supply electricity to consumers of oil processing plant, cotton processing plant, a soap factory and other objects in Bayramali town.

The distance between the power transmission towers is 25-43 meters and the height depending on terrain ranges from 7 to 14 meters. These overhead lines were installed manually with the help of various supports and cables.

At the power plant many items were installed 100 years ago. Besides three turbines, signal lamps mounted 100 years ago which are still running smoothly, a set of keys of different sizes supplied by the contractor when putting the station into operation and street lights prove that.

Over 100 years which passed since the construction of Gindikush Hydro¬power plant, the electric power industry has made great strides. Several power plants and heating plants, thousands of kilometers of transmission lines and substations were built, energy independence of our country was ensured, and Turkmenistan became a state, exporting electricity in annually increasing volume. These great results have been achieved thanks to the tireless care and support of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Gindikush Hydropower Plant as a kind of open-air museum, has witnessed a century old history of our industry and still continues producing electricity.

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