New travel regulations for Turkmenistan


Turkmenistan, like every other country, has successfully survived the post-pandemic normalization process. As we entered the spring of 2023, it started to open borders and accept foreign visitors, but as we know, the post-pandemic world is no longer the old world. The experiences we have gained from the pandemic force us to new applications. Yes, restrictions such as masks and distance have been completely removed. Commercial flights are free and public transport is unrestricted. No quarantine is required at the entrance to the country. There is no curfew and it is possible to travel to any part of the country as you wish.

However, health-screening procedures are in place at airports and other points of entry. On arrival,all passengers must have a government-administered PCR test, including mouth and nose swabs, at the passenger's expense.The PCR test fee for foreign nationals is $35-50. It will make procedures easier to provide money as fractional currency on your own. Sometimes it is not possible to find a change at the airport.

In addition, tourists who want to visit the country must have at least two doses of vaccine. You must attach certificate about your vaccinations to the application documents for the invitation.