It is hard to imagine Turkmen desert without amazing plant – Saksaul.

Saksaul is an ideal fuel. Many traditional meals of Turkmen national cuisine are simply unthinkable without using saxaul as a source of heat treatment of food. A deep, fragrant and slightly bitterish smoke of burning wood adds a unique enchanting taste both to a shepherd’s meat cake in the ashes of a fire or a shish kebab of fresh lamb or strong green tea made of water boiled on saxaul.

Our drivers prepare tasty BBQ and shish kebab for tourists using this saxual when we camp at Darvaza, Yangikala and others.

Do you want to eat BBQ and shish kebab which them cooked by using saxual? Join our one of the trip

Saksaul in deser
Saksaul in desert
bunch of saksaul
bunch of saksaul