Stantrips Yurt Camp


Our yurt camp is ideally situated just 200 meters from the iconic Darvaza gas crater in the middle of the Karakum Desert. Steps away from fiery wonder! Nestled among the sand dunes, our camp provides 20 cozy yurts, each comfortably accommodate up to 4 travelers.

Each yurt features plush beds with fresh linens. Pillows, sheets, and cozy blankets are provided for your ultimate comfort. For those who prefer complete privacy, the staff will happily set up a single tent with all the amenities. Each yurt has a central heating stove to keep you warm during cooler nights. Additionally, electricity is provided in each yurt for added convenience. The campsite also offers a designated area with a stationary toilet and shower facility. Yurts are made from a wooden lattice frame covered with layers of felt and canvas. Decorated in authentic Turkmen flair, our yurts transport you to a world of nomadic traditions, creating a truly immersive experience. That's why sleeping in Turkmen yurts is an adventure for the senses. It will bring you closer to nature's symphony – the wind's song, the rare cries of nocturnal creatures, the calming sound of long-awaited rain, and the profound silence of the desert. This is your unique opportunity to escape the pressures of modern life and find peace in the heart of the desert.

Our camp provides everything you need for a stress-free and enjoyable stay.The spacious restaurant tent lets you enjoy delicious meals prepared for you, followed by a breathtaking sunrise experience with a cup of coffee or tea at our open-air tables. On special request for guests, we can organize dinner next to the crater.

Evenings at the camp come alive. Relax by the fire, engage in a friendly chess match, or join our lively karaoke sessions – the perfect way to connect with fellow travelers under the desert stars.

But the most important attraction is the Darvaza gas crater, locals call it “Garagum yalkymy”- “the shine of the Karakum desert.” Our yurt camp offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness its beauty in all its glory.

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