Spring of Chiluchorchashma


Chiluchorchashma means 44 spring in Tajik language. It is located in the south of Tajikistan, near the border with Uzbekistan, about 10-12 km from Shahrituz. People from all over and from all cultures visit this place for their spiritual harmony and curiosity. Spring season is the best time to visit this place. The region gets very hot in summer.

Chiluchorchashma springs have curative effects on depression, headaches, fertility, hypertonia and others. It is like a little oasis in the desert. The springs are full of fish worth seeing. You can spend a whole day in Chiluchorchashma, eating national dishes and listening to stories and legends about the region from an old man in a warm, quiet and beautiful atmosphere.

Chiluchor Chashma is well-known place that receives daily visitors from Dushanbe, as it is very easy to reach from the Tajik capital. For this reason, it gets very crowded especially on weekends. If you can arrange it, it is best to plan your visit on a weekday so that you can enjoy the refreshing waters of the springs without the crowds.

The junction of 39 streams forms a 13-meter-wide creek filled with fish. Due to the minerals found in the water, the springs have been a visiting source for healing seekers since Soviet times. It is thought to be especially good for fertility for women. Here there is a separate section for men and women for those who want to enter the pool.

Spring is an ideal place to stop, picnic or swim, but there are some legends that make this place a sanctuary. Legend has it that when Ali, son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad, came here with his army, he prayed to Allah for water because his army was thirsty. In the morning, his prayer was accepted. With each step of Ali, another spring sprang from the ground.

The waters that come from the springs and turn into a pool are extremely clear. You can easily see many fish jumping out of the shadows between the rocks. The pool has a blue-green hue, partially reflecting the sky and the green of the leaves of the trees above it.