Babak Castle also known as Bazz fortress

Babak Castle

Declared national heritage since 1966, the fortress is a gem! With a little luck, you will be able to witness the major event taking place on the premises. Every 9th of July, thousands of people, especially Azeri Iranians, come to celebrate the movement of Babak Khorramdin. A great symbol of Iranian nationalism, this valiant freedom fighter continues to impact his ideological followers. You will surely like it. Also, you will be able to attend the excavations which continue on the ground. The historic village project will reinforce the tourist force of this gigantic house.

An essential place in the history of the Abbasid caliphate, the castle of Bazz fully deserves its status as a fortress. Making perfect use of the rugged terrain of northern Iran, this majestic fortified complex stands atop a mountain in the forests of Arasbaran. Still called Babak's castle in homage to its founder, it served as a refuge for the latter. Indeed, this brave leader of the Khurramites, exacerbated by the power of Caliph Haroun Ar-Rachid, revolted and built the residence to protect himself from the attacks of the sovereign. Time has not gotten the better of it, because you will see vestiges that are still alive there; with very pretty stone arches and many other things.

The eternal castle, as it is nicknamed, will charm you with its ingenious framework and its remarkable strategic position! Built at an altitude of more than 2,000 m, it is surrounded by a ditch of almost 600 m. It had three floors with a main hall consisting of seven adjoining rooms. To the east of the building were the tanks intended to serve in difficult situations. Despite the fabulous pottery, porcelain, and coins found during excavations, the castle has not finished revealing its secrets. Recently, a secret corridor of 35 m was discovered which connected the towers of the castle.

Babak's fortress is like a condor's nest! Observing it from afar, it forms with the surrounding mountains a charming and very flattering picture. The light greenery present on the heights gives an exhilarating pattern that you will like. Once there, you will have the impression of hovering, the horizon will seem like a mirage to carry with your hand. The gorges that surround the castle project breathtaking panoramas. When it snows, the citadel becomes magical. Some are stunned by it, so stunning is the splendor of the place.

Visiting Babak Fortress is not for those who are afraid of heights. You will have to survey a mountain as imposing. Fantastic hiking trails are built there. Similar to sumptuous stony spirals, these delightful routes will offer you a physical challenge, and above all a superb view of the luminous surrounding valleys. The best climbers in the world are also present there. The less seasoned can use a cane to make the climb and especially enjoy the natural delights that will dot your journey.

Babak Castle
castle of Bazz
Babak Castle
view of castle