Persian Achaemenid Empire

It was a capital of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. It is one of the most important sites in Iran. This is what has earned it the distinction of UNESCO since 1979. You will discover a vast palatine complex erected on a monumental terrace, which supports multiple hypostyle buildings. These palaces have protocol, ritual, emblematic or administrative functions. You will observe many bas-reliefs carved on the stairs and the doors of the palaces representing the diversity of the peoples making up the empire.

Persepolis, the epitome of the darkness of history and its inscrutable character. Built under Darius I the Great, the city was built in the image of the excess that the Great King could demonstrate. Thus, Persepolis was intended to exhibit the power of the empire in the sole setting of a sumptuous city in order to give proof of unity.

Because of this, Darius I gave the order to bring back all the greatest wealth from the four corners of his lands, in order to unite them in the heart of his capital. Today we can still admire some of these gigantic works. The remains of the palace of 100 columns show how great the temptation of the colossal was, each of its pillars reaching 20 meters high in order to support a massive cedar roof. 12 beams were arranged on each of these columns, which today brave the sun of Iran.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the site was studied in depth to understand the identity of this mysterious people. Because indeed, we have today only fragments of warlike stories, often not very brilliant, speaking of the Persians. These stories obviously coming from Greek texts, their enemies, history requires more impartial sources. Fortunately, the walls of Persepolis are full of cuneiform texts, starting with the walls of the monumental staircase that leads to the Apadana.

The great beauty of the bas-reliefs, their surgical precision, practically untouched by the millennia, give an unreal aspect to the place. We could feel the sculptor next to us breathing as the figures come to life on the walls.

A monumental ancient city, mysteries spared by time and scripture and a fabulous art consecrated by Alexander the Great and Darius I: this is what Persepolis is; here is the sublime proof of an all-powerful civilization.

Persian Achaemenid Empire
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Persian Achaemenid Empire
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