Mashhad city

Mashhad or Mashhad (Persian: مشهد) (phonetic: mæʃˈhæd) is the second largest city in Iran and one of the holiest cities of Shiism. Located in the northeast of Iran, capital of the province of Khorasan-e-razavi located more than 900 km east of Tehran. It is nicknamed the city of a thousand faces.

Mashhad means "place of martyrdom", after the death by poisoning, in 818, of the eighth imam of the Twelver Shiites, Imam Ali ar-Ridâ by the Abbasid Caliph al-Ma`mûn. It was this poisoning, the second great loss of Shiite Muslims to the Sunnis after the “massacre” of Karbala (680), which gave Mashhad its role as a religious city and a place of pilgrimage for all Twelver Shiites.

A magnificent sanctuary, one of the most sacred graves, who is the only one of the 12 to be in Iran. A holy place sparkles with its simply splendid architectural style. It has been built for centuries to pay homage to this great man of the Muslim religion. At the heart of this building, you will discover a square plan room with thick walls, the tomb of the imam and the Goharshad mosque. You will also explore the Qadamgah shrine, which contains the imprint of Imam Rida. About 20 million pilgrims come here every year.

Goharshad is a magnificent mosque rich in history. Spectacularly beautiful, it fascinates all visitors. It owes this splendor to these imposing shades of color. You will observe a dominant blue of cobalt and turquoise, white, light green, yellow, saffron and aubergine. It is a variety of fantastic scenery. It holds an incredible mosaic locally called Moaragh. The interior is as beautiful as the exterior. The objects that served for its decoration are, among other things, pieces of mirror. I can reassure you that you will take great pleasure in discovering the second largest mosque in the world.

Nadir Shar Afhshar Sanctuary is a historical place where the soul of Iranian icon Nadir Shar Afhshar rests. The building is an impressive modern concrete museum. The location of his tomb is worthy of admiration. An ideal place that will strike the attention of all its explorers.

Mashhad city
view of Mashhad
Mashhad city
night view of Mashhad