Caspian Sea - Awaza


National tourist zone “Awaza’’ is a fashionable resort in the east of the Caspian sea, a national tourist zone of Turkmenistan, located twelve kilometers from the city of Turkmenbashi. This largest settlement on the Turkmen coast is located in a convenient bay, has an extensive transport infrastructure and is called the sea gate of Turkmenistan. And very close to the city - a little to the north, outside the bay, on the open sea coastline, there is the town of Awaza, which was at all times a favorite vacation spot for local residents and diverse visitors.

The enormous resort area "Awaza" is a modern tourist paradise with many white marble hotels such as “Arzuv”, “Berkarar”, “Hazar”, “Deniz”, “Shamekan”, “Bagtyyar” and etc., upscale hotels and recreation centers, cottage complexes for families, boarding houses, sanatoriums and health resorts for children and adults.

The territory of the seaside resort is full of various objects of rich infrastructure: parks; congress center; cafes and restaurants; yacht club "Elken"; sports complex; pools with sea water; tennis courts; disco clubs; magnificent interactive fountains; sea geysers up to 100 meters high; navigable canal 7 km long with pedestrian and road bridges; gas turbine power plant; multilevel parking lot. A new runway and a modern terminal, one of the best in Turkmenistan, have been built at the international airport of the city of Turkmenbashi. There have been built modern facilities and establishments for leisure, entertainment and recreation: a water park, an aquarium, entertainment centers, a go-kart center, a cycle track, a planetarium, a cinema, an amusement park, and supermarkets on the territory of Awaza.

In addition, “Elken” the first yacht club in Awaza is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea with a coastline of one kilometer, is the first marina built in the national tourist zone “Awaza”. Despite the fact that the Yacht Club was opened in 2013, it rapidly gained a reputation as one of the most famous private sea clubs. There are unforgettable recreation, entertainment and sports in complex and comfortable facilities.

Caspian Sea
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The “Elken” Yacht Club offers its visitors various sports services, like sailing on yacht and bouts, the possibility of using outdoor sports grounds, as well as practicing numerous motorized water sports with its possibilities of luxury living and rich style. There are brilliant hotel services such as, Movie Theater, pool, private parties, Internet café, billiard room, medical center, and mini bar. And they organize special Club Events: Private Parties, Honeymoon Trips, sailing school, Yacht Club member regattas.

Located near the international crossroads of sea, air, land and rail roads, Awaza is always ready to accept all travelers for an adequate and comfortable rest. Today it is already difficult to imagine that on the site of the current grandiose construction, which is increasingly receiving the outlines of a large center of the tourism industry, there were once empty territories with small islands of summer cottages. The changes that have taken place are not only evidence of the intensive economic growth of Turkmenistan, but also the fact of international recognition of the country as a reliable and trusted partner.