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Hospitality is the first thing that people remember about Turkmenistan after visiting this amazing country. They are impressed by warm welcome and generosity of the people. Turkmen people have been courteous and devoted to the traditions of hospitality at all times. In Turkmenistan, guests are considered the messengers of God; hence, the Turkmen proverb says: a guest is dearer than a father. Hospitality and cordiality of the people in Turkmenistan won’t come across in any other country.


Moreover, Turkmenistan will reveal a lot of interesting things for travellers to excite them besides the tradition of hospitality. Expectations will become nothing compared with experience. The ‘heavenly’ horses, jewellery art, the handmade carpets unique in their refinement and beauty, the Turkmen women in national costumes, the grey-bearded old men in white sheepskin hats (telpeks), the Turkmen melons and fabulous beauty of nature are waiting for travellers. Discover a new world, new country and new people.


Turkmenistan is a country with a rich history, diverse and wonderful cultural traditions, outstanding ancient and medieval architectural monuments, various natural areas, mountains, gorges, one of the world's greatest deserts, abundant subtropics, underground lakes and many other breath-taking landmarks.

Since ancient times, the Great Silk Road routes covered the territory of Turkmenistan, where beautiful cities with original architecture arose and prospered. Their thriving civilizations, especially in the Middle Ages, won the hearts of the visiting people with a high level of science, culture and art. The noisy bazaars have been attracting the people speaking different languages for centuries, and merchants traded in everything.

Travellers have a unique opportunity to move beyond the millennia and feel the atmosphere of that time, to explore history of the legendary cities and culture of the people, to learn more about the outstanding personalities who lived and worked on this land.

The richest historical and architectural heritage, which includes thousands of outstanding monuments of ancient architecture – palaces, fortresses, mausoleums, mosques, madrasahs, minarets, settlements, caravanserais, unique culture and modern life of the Turkmen people, amazing and inimitable wealth and diversity of nature – all this is Turkmenistan.

To date, the tourist routes to the historical cities in Turkmenistan are among the most popular cultural tours. A growing number of people wish to visit the Ancient Merv State Historical and Cultural Park, Parthian Fortresses of Nisa, and Kunya-Urgench – the monuments inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The ancient cities of Dehistan and Abiverd, the archaeological sites, including in Jeytun, Namazga Depe, Amul, and Margush, medieval mausoleums and caravanserais, underground lakes, waterfalls and mineral springs captivate the tourists.


Besides the above-mentioned well-known historical, architectural and natural must-sees, fantastic places await tourists. One of the few places in the world that provides remarkable experience is located in Magtymguly Etrap in the west of the country. People can see ‘lunar mountains’ here. Those who come to the place for the first time experience a real shock. The local landscapes seem to be familiar thanks to the paintings of the most daring surrealist artists. The mountains are blue, grey, brown, green, devoid of any vegetation, a truly lunar landscape that nature began to form millions years ago.

Another amazing must-see is the Koytendag Mountains in Lebap Velayat, famous for the world’s largest dinosaur footprint concentration, lakes, fabulous karst caves, and natural beauty. There is also a giant, 584-kilogramme stone, which is raised on a special pedestal on the road to the Koyten settlement. Thus, the inscription under the stone says, ‘it was lifted by Ahmed Haji, the son of Hudayberdy, who lived in the Hojapil settlement in 1882–1917’. These miraculous heroes, real strong men lived on the Turkmen land.

The Hurhuri waterfall is located near the Nohur settlement. The waterfall streams down a 53-meter cliff and fascinates the nature lovers. This is a miracle of nature that delights travellers.


The national cuisine will also impress with its diversity. Being a part of the common culture, it is different even in the neighbouring villages, not to mention Velayats. Each dish reflects history, customs, legends that form the unique identity of country or region.


The Turkmen capital, the white-marble Ashgabat with its numerous landmarks is inscribed on the Guinness World Records. The city appears surprisingly beautiful, elegant and original in its architectural composition of buildings, palaces, museums, and parks.

Today's tourists attach great importance to the level of hotel and transport services, food, work of guides and interpreters. In Turkmenistan, all these services are rendered to the guests at the level that meets international standards.

Welcome to Turkmenistan! Feel the atmosphere of kindness and Turkmen hospitality!