Yangikala – fiery fortress


Amazing natural sites - Yangikala Canyons are located in the North-West of Turkmenistan in the Balkan velayat (region). Among the Turkmens Yangi-kala is known as fiery fortresses. The canyons got this name because of the predominant red color of the rocks, which are composed of mountains and cliffs. There are similar mountains in Xinjiang, China and they are also called "fiery (flaming) mountains".

The canyons are incredibly stunning. Leaving Balkanabat through a lifeless flat desert, you suddenly find yourself at steep cliffs, going hundreds of meters deep. Once upon a time, the waters of the ancient sea splashed here (and now from many points one can see the waters of the Karabagazkol, which was formerly part of the Caspian Sea). The sea has left, revealing steep shores and huge hills. Waves, wind and rains have created quaint castles, towers, walls here. The colors of the rocks, from pure white to fiery red, create a magical beauty. And the mountains change its colors right away depending on the time of a day and lighting. And they are extremely beautiful at sunset, when everything is surrounded by fiery tones.

On the flat bottom of the canyons, you can arrange jeep races for hundreds of kilometers.

And you can hike and continue with other canyons nearby, such as Kemal-Ata Canyon.

magical beauty
canyons are incredibly stunning