Kutlugmurat Anak Madrasah

Kutlugmurad Anak Madrasah - an architectural monument in Khiva and the part of the Itchan Kala. Like all the other historical buildings in the old town, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Kutlugmurad, uncle of the Alla Kuli Khan, built a house and he was buried under the floor of the palace according to his will. The madrasa consists of a rectangular structure, a mosque and a classroom, hujras, a courtyard and a cistern between the courtyards.

The madrasah was built between 1804 and 1812 at the instigation of Kutlug Murad Anak, after whom it was named. It stands opposite the Alla Kuli Khan Madrasah in the east of the old town. When it was completed, the madrasah Kutlug Murad Anak was the only two-storey building in Khiva and the only building on which unglazed terracottas were used.

Kutlug Murad-Inak Madrasah has a two-tiered, three-span arcade and is flanked by covered outer galleries. The upper half of its lamps are decorated with a brick mosaic pattern of emerald, azure, and white, while the majolica tympanums follow a traditional color scheme of cobalt, white and pale blue.

Legend claims that Kutlug Murad-Inak died in Dishan-Kala, Khiva’s outer city. This created a serious obstacle to his desire to be buried in his madrasah, for carrying a body through the city gates was considered a bad omen of coming misfortune. A creative compromise was reached when the wall of Itchan Kala was dismantled near the eastern gate and the body passed through the opening. Kutlug Murad-Inak was thus buried in the lobby of his madrasah.

To the south of Kutlug Murad-Inak Madrasah is Abdulla-Khan Madrasah. It was built in 1855 by Kutlug Murad-Inak’s wife as a memorial to their son, who died tragically at the age of seventeen in a clash with the Turkmen Yomut tribe.

There is a covered fountain in the courtyard of the madrasah. This was not only used by the residents of this area, but also by the city's population.

Kutlug Murad-Inak is a valuable part of the Itchan Kala ensemble and a worthy destination for travellers.