Mausoleum of Mashkhur Zhussip Kopeyuly

Mashkhur Zhussip Kopeyuly

In the Bayanaul district of the Pavlodar region in the town of Yeskeldy near the village. Zhanazhol, there is a place where people go in a continuous stream in winter and summer. This is the mausoleum of Mashkhur Zhussip Kopeyuly, where a legendary man lies, whose whole life is shrouded in amazing events.

Mashkhur Zhussip Kopeyuly is a scientist, folklorist, historian, ethnographer, philosopher, poet, a superbly educated person. The name given to him by his parents is Adam Zhusip. Later, when he was 9 years old, the sultan of the Bayanaul district Musa Shormanov for the magnificent performance of legends, dastans, and poems called him Mashkhur Zhusip, i.e. "Famous". This name stuck with him among the people forever.

As a scientist, he left a rich heritage, throughout his life and wrote the history of the Kazakh steppe, compiled reliable and accurate genealogies (shezhire). Mashkhur Zhussip was a deeply religious person who perceived religion as spirituality. People considered him a saint, they came to him for treatment, learned to understand the world and the perception of the Universe through religion.

As a seer, Mashkhur Zhussip knew exactly the date of his death. In 1930, exactly one year before his death, the poet invites relatives and friends to a memorial ace by himself, announcing to them that he will live exactly 73 years, and asks to put him in a mazar. The enlightener himself chose a place in the steppe and drew up a project: he assigned one room directly for himself, and the other for the shelter of pilgrims. He bequeathed to his descendants that after his death they would not bury him. The most amazing thing is that twenty years later his body was incorruptible, and the mazar became a place of pilgrimage.

The mausoleum consists of two rooms. Ziratkhana symbolizes the threshold of the new world, and the body of Mashkhur Zhussip rests in the kabyrkhan, where there is a nine-ton tombstone made of granite. 73 steps lead down from the mausoleum - according to the number of years Zhussip lived. Climbing to the grave of a great man does not take much effort, and this is very important considering that most of the pilgrims are people of years. There is even a bench for rest.

The modern infrastructure of the facility is very well developed, which creates favorable conditions for worship. On the territory of the mazar there is a two-storey hotel, inside which there is a museum of Kopeyuly. A separate dining room in the form of two yurts and a place for ablution are located in the adjacent territory.

Currently, the mausoleum is a place of pilgrimage for a huge number of people from different countries, which determines the important sacred significance of the cult object in the minds of Kazakh people.

Mashkhur Zhussip Kopeyuly
the mausoleum of Mashkhur Zhussip Kopeyuly
Mashkhur Zhussip Kopeyuly